Surface area of 485m2
5 Sides Clyclorama with rotating platform

A big production studio available for rent

Newly built in 2017, Studio Grand Sud Location is a modern equipped studio conveniently located 20km south of Lyon with a direct access to the highway. Thoughtfully designed for photography and video professionals, the studio offers a full range of equipment and amenities.

Whatever your needs are, you can streamline your productions here. The unique space and perfect atmosphere will guarantee results like none other.

The private studio features:

Surface area of 485 m2

With direct access for trucks, gate 4.50m wide by 4.60m high. The facility also has a private parking of 800m2.

5 Sides Cyclorama

3 x 23 x 14 x 15 m, 7m in height. Including a low angle pit of 1m.

Truss velum

Large white reflector of 6 x 9m suspended on an overhead crane, controlled with a remote.

Overhead grid

Dimensions: 10 x 10 m. It can be lowered at 50cm to be equipped with lighting equipment or other accessories. Maximum weight 500kg with Marechal sockets (90A).

Rotating platform

Integrated in the cyclorama For your 360° images, diameter 7m and maximum weight 12T.


Two-level loft with dressing room, make-up station, kitchenette and air conditioner. From the balcony it’s possible to shoot from 3m or 6.2m high.


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Floor plan